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Switchboard upgrades

An electrical switchboard is the nerve center of you homes electrical system.

Older homes tend to have older style fuse-wire switchboards. When a circuit becomes overloaded the fuse wire melts and stops the flow of electricity to the circuit, protecting your wiring and minimizing your risk of electric shock.

While fuse-wire may be effective if installed and maintained correctly, it is an outdated method that needs to be replaced to comply with the Australian Standard AS3000.


Orange Electrical have installed hundreds of electrical switchboards and can provide you with the right advice to keep your electrical system safe and reliable.


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Out with the old, in with the new

Speaking of safety...

Have you thought about..
  • Safety Switch Installation

    Safety switches can detect electrical currents flowing through the body and activate within 30 milliseconds – quicker than a human heart-beat.

  • Electrical rewiring

    According to the Australian Energy Council, the average Australian homes electrical wiring should be replaced every 35 years.

  • Surge arrestor installation

    Installed at the switchboard, these devices protect your entire system against surges in power up to 6000 volts!